Six Forks Smiles’ Successful Dental Website Redesign

The Raleigh dentists at Six Forks Smiles (formerly Glenwood Smiles) came to TheeDigital, a local dental web design and SEO agency, to execute their dental website redesign and rebranding. Acquiring new target customers and increasing organic search engine rankings were the goals Six Forks Smiles had in mind for new custom WordPress website.

Picture of dental equipment in a modern dentist office

The Issues

Over 5 years old, Six Forks Smiles’ website began to decline due to slow load times, outdated animation, and other limitations. Loading slowly and having an outdated and non-responsive theme began to take its toll.

Along with that, search engines like Google and Bing began including mobile user experience into algorithms, making mobile an even bigger factor for online visibility. Responsive, mobile-friendly websites have been the standards for the past year or two, and it was time Six Forks Smiles stopped losing more than half of its potential organic traffic.

The Results

After the dental website redesign, Six Forks Smiles’ results include a 146% increase in mobile traffic, a 68% increase in customer leads, and a 242% increase in page views since teaming up with TheeDigital.

Clearly and concisely organizing each of the client’s blog articles, client’s services, seasonal promotions, and patient information was one of the toughest challenges of the project. Their 6-month braces promotion is an awesome example. Another challenge for the local dentist involved keeping up with user behavior and industry patterns. Like any other industry, technology evolves over time, shaping how users search for dentists in the area.

“TheeDigital has done a great job compared to other web design and marketing agencies. What they’ve done is a 150% turnaround. In terms of marketing, we were down $20,000 in production over last year and now it is coming back up.”

Dr. Schmorr, Principal Dentist and Founder of Six Forks Smiles

When Six Forks Smiles’ website is visited, inviting and clear temporary and permanent promotions appear. Along with the promotions, a branded hero image slider also appears. The updated design features widgets with stylish icons that highlight the three dentist’s biggest services. The top of the homepage also features the practice’s full list of services with user-friendly drop-down menus. Along with a new website, their new, competitive dental SEO strategy and online reputation management are keeping Six Forks Smiles on the first page of search engines for their most valuable keywords, resulting in increased leads month-by-month!

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