Types of Diamond Ring Cuts

Whether you’re planning on getting engaged soon or you’re dreaming of your wedding, it all starts with choosing the right engagement ring, but where should you start? We recommend finding the diamond shape, or cut, you love first, then narrowing down your choices from there, but with 10 unique diamond ring cuts to choose from, it can still be daunting. To help you get started, our Raleigh jewelry store is sharing a closer look at the 11 common cuts and which diamond shape may be right for you. 

Most Popular Diamond Ring Cuts 

Making up over 75 percent of all diamonds sold, the round (also called round brilliant) and princess cuts are by far the most popular types of diamond ring cuts.

Round Cut Diamond Rings

Round diamonds, or round brilliant cut diamonds, are the result of decades of diamond cutting with the goal of achieving the most facets and highest shine. With 58 facets, this diamond cut has the traditional cone shape with a pointed base and a rounded off the top, as well as unmatched, intense sparkle and brightness. Round diamond engagement rings are iconic with an elegant, timeless appearance that works well for any style, from casual to classic. Its versatility and beauty make round cut diamonds the most popular variety, accounting for over 60 percent of all diamonds sold.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

A princess cut diamond engagement ring has a square shape with four sharp edges, creating a classic, beautiful look. Both the round and princess diamond ring cuts have 57 facets. However, less of the original, or rough diamond, is lost when shaping princess cut diamonds, making this option more environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to a round brilliant diamond of a similar carat and clarity. 

Vintage Diamond Ring Shapes

If you love a vintage look or want an engagement ring that has the look of an heirloom, consider one of these three diamond ring cuts. 

Rose Cut Diamond Rings

The rose cut diamond dates back to the 1500s, making it one of the oldest diamond ring cuts available. Unlike most diamond shapes that have flat crowns or tops and a pointed base, the rose cut diamond has a flat base and a domed top covered in triangle-shaped facets that resemble rose petals unfolding from a bud.

Because there are no facets under the diamond to reflect light, rose diamond cuts are more transparent with a subtle shine compared to the brilliant, sparkling round brilliant cut diamond rings. However, it will also look larger than other cuts because there is more surface area visible above the setting.  

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Asscher cut diamonds were created in 1902 and have an almost octagonal shape with four straight sides and angled corners. The asscher cut diamond features a step cut, similar to an emerald cut diamond, but with 72 facets in a series of parallel cuts, you’ll see incredible color and “fire” within the stone. 

The most notable thing about asscher cut diamonds is their glamour. If you want an engagement ring with a truly vintage look and you love art deco or the design and fashions of The Great Gatsby, this unique shape is for you.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion cut diamond rings have been popular since the 1800s and have a square or rectangular shape that looks similar to a princess cut. However, cushion cut diamonds feature rounded, cropped corners and larger facets that reflect a rainbow of color out of the diamond. Also called a pillow cut diamond, this shape has a more graceful, antique appearance than the sharper, more modern princess cut, making this a sophisticated choice. 

Bold Diamond Ring Cuts

When you want an engagement ring that makes a statement and attracts notice, choose one of these three bold diamond shapes. 

Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

The radiant cut diamond is one of the newer diamond ring cuts as well as the cut with the highest shine. Developed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, he wanted to blend the brilliance of round diamonds with the striking symmetry of an emerald cut. The result is a rectangular-shaped diamond with soft, rounded corners and a brilliant shine created by its 70-facet cut. 

Radiant cut diamonds are ideal for women wanting a fiery, highly visible ring that evokes passion and drama. 

Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

With its elongated shape, pointed edges, and 56 facets, the marquise cut diamond often looks much larger than its actual size. This diamond ring style is not commonly used in engagement rings, making this a dramatic option for brides wanting something more non-traditional.  

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald cut diamond rings have long, straight cuts with 58 facets across a rectangular-shaped stone. The step cut facets create a unique blend of simple symmetry and superior brilliance, resulting in a style that’s modern, bold, and striking. Placing this in an open setting can display its color to its best advantage, though a closed or bezel setting is also stunning. 

Contemporary Diamond Ring Cuts

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit newer to the market or you want a non-traditional diamond ring, consider these contemporary diamond cuts. 

Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

For the true romantic, consider looking at heart shaped diamond ring cuts for your engagement ring. These are fairly new to the diamond market are made by cutting down a round brilliant diamond. Choosing a single solitaire heart shaped diamond creates a striking look and stands out against other diamond ring cuts.

Pear Shape Diamond Rings

Pear shape diamonds are incredibly unique and have a one-of-a-kind look to them, and with 58 facets, they maximize sparkle. While pear shapes can be wider or slimmer, like other elongated shapes, the slimmer pear cut diamond can make fingers look slimmer, similar to a marquise cut. 

Oval Cut Diamond Rings

An oval diamonds offer the brilliance of a round cut but have a unique elegance. Like the marquise cut diamonds, the oval cut diamond looks larger than cuts with the same carat weight and makes the wearer’s hand look slimmer and more graceful. However, the rounded ends of an oval diamond are a bit softer and more delicate looking. 

Choosing the Right Diamond Shape

We understand that with so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to choose the perfect engagement ring. To help you make the best choice that you’ll love for years to come, consider visiting a renowned jewelry store with an experienced staff who can help you find the best option that will suit your style and your lifestyle. 

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