10 Online Fundraising Ideas for Charities

The global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way most businesses operate, including the non-profit sector. Nonprofit organizations had to find other ways to raise money since in-person events were put on hold.

In 2020, non-profit businesses learned how virtual fundraising can help them get the funds they need for their organizations. Since then, non-profits continue to see the benefits of this type of fundraising. These include:

  • Access to donors worldwide
  • Cost-efficient fundraising
  • Ability to capture more donor information

Donors also reap the benefits of online fundraising because it’s easy to give and their personal information is kept secure.

At Capital Business Solutions, we are committed to helping non-profits continue to thrive with their fundraising. This is why our experts in non-profit fundraising software are sharing these ten best online fundraising ideas.

Online fundraising ideas for Charities

10 Non-profit Online Fundraising Ideas

Our non-profit software solutions consultants know the importance of maintaining meaningful, enriched relationships with donors. Consider these 10 versatile approaches when it comes to your non-profit fundraising efforts:

#1 – Social Media Campaigns 

Marketing your non-profit organization online through the use of social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more is one of the most useful ways that companies can extend their reach to potential donors who otherwise may never know of their charitable efforts. 

#2 – Email Campaigns 

The Global Trends in Giving Report reports that 26% of online donors say email campaigns are the type of digital marketing that most motivates them to give. There are many ways to practice email marketing campaigns. Weekly newsletters about your organization’s success stories to personal stories about those affected directed by donations received are just two options. 

#3 – Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding focuses on acquiring small funds across a large group of people With crowdfunding, your organization can set up a donation page that is shared among social media platforms to promote your efforts.

#4 – Amazon Smile 

When an organization sets up an Amazon Smile page, it allows users to choose your charity as their preferred donation choice for any purchase they make. Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of purchases to the non-profit business of the shopper’s choice. Be sure you have an accessible page for users to choose your non-profit so you can start to receive funds for charities your business supports. 

#5 – Online Galas 

Hosting an online version of a gala is a great way to recognize and engage potential donors who support your fundraising efforts. An online gala dinner includes speakers and presenters as well as raffles, and donation requests. An online gala allows you to reach people around the world, not just in your backyard.

#6 – Virtual Watch Party 

Virtual watch parties bring people together to one place through Zoom, Google Meet, or another virtual platform. The material that is viewed will pertain to your organization, allowing you to connect with new and returning donors.

#7 – Virtual Auction 

A silent or live virtual auction is hosted by an auctioneer who showcases items available for bidding. Live virtual auctions are set within a designated time where donors have to attend the specific event in real time. With the help of online fundraising software, charitable organizations can plan, strategize, and execute virtual auctions to meet their donation goals. 

#8 – Virtual Classes or Workshops

An original and fun way to engage potential donors for your fundraising for charities is through hosting a virtual class or workshop. This can be a painting event, wine tasting, cooking class, or whatever else interests your target audience.

#9 – Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is when a person or team fundraises on behalf of a larger cause or organization. Through the use of peer-to-peer fundraising on social media, individual users have an even broader reach than your non-profit organization alone. 

#10 – Virtual Walk, Run, or Bike Activities 

People who enjoy the concept of physically doing something to fundraise can take part in a virtual walk, run, or bike ride. This idea asks people to sponsor participants with a certain pledge amount per mile they walk, run, or bike– ultimately raising money via an online platform for your charitable organization. 

Virtual Walk fundraising ideas for charities

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